The Inquisitive Creative

Hello, I’m Desray, a creative from South Africa, currently living and working in Johannesburg, Dubai, London (and beyond).

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I began my life as a designer in Johannesburg. Studying in an eclectic part of town opened my eyes to a variety of palettes, from language and culture to colour and texture. These served as diverse building blocks for my time at The Brand Union (now Superunion). 3 years later I was facing my next challenge and with an itch to travel, I joined the Dubai office. After 4,5 years I decided to leap further North. Working and travelling around Europe these last 8,5 years have given me an abundance of exposure to how design lives, breathes and interacts within environments.

Or for the fancy spiel:
Brand consultant, employee experience, engagement and event professional.
I'm a senior creative designer working at strategic level. I create design solutions in all categories from corporate identities and internal brand engagement to retail environments and sensory spaces through to event collateral. Global in outlook, I have worked in several major centres alongside international teams to deliver the right solutions for complex, global businesses.